Transportation Process

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Transportation Process

Our Transportation Process is very professional and consists of a lot of tie ups with automobile companies that have the best lorries, trucks, tempos etc. that are needed for the entire relocation process. We have been in the industry for years and have tie ups with the best companies to ensure that all your items for relocation are transported on time without any delays. The vehicles are properly checked beforehand especially when there is a lot of long distance travelling involved or inter-state travelling.

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We are one of the very companies that offer transport insurance services which is very important if you are relocating to a new state or a new country. Transport insurance insures all your items for relocation so that in case of an accident, fire or natural calamity, your items are completely safe and secure.

For with in the city relocation, we assure a one-day delivery in our transportation process. For interstate, we assure a maximum of 3-day delivery and for international relocation, a maximum of 7 working days are needed for the entire transportation process. Be assured that we you hire us for your shifting needs, we will send you the best of the best teams for efficient relocation.

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