Packing Material

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Packing Material

In order to create the right cushioning for the items in the relocation process, our team uses a lot of different types of packing material. With the right packing material and the right technique of packaging the items, we ensure none of the items are damages or don’t even have as much as a tiny scratch on them. Here are some of the packing material items used

Bubble wrap

This is one of the most commonly used packing material to ensure the delicate showpieces, photo frames, crockery and even cups are not damaged in the transportation. The air bubbles in this plastic sheet create a cushion for the items.

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Cardboard boxes are used for placing the items after packaging and cardboard sheets are used on hard edges to prevent any damages. Bubble wrap cannot protect the edges of mirrors, shelves, doors etc. which is where cardboard helps.

Packing tape

Packing tape is better than masking tape and sticks better to the cardboard boxes as well as the bubble wrap. It is important to have a lot of rolls of packing tape as it is one of the most important packing material items.

Don’t forget to use markers to label your packed boxes!

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